Build a Powerful Website that gets Organic Rank in Google

We Build SEO and Google Search Discovery Features in From the Ground Up

Increase Conversions

Get a plan on how to make your website generate more business from existing traffic

Attract Quality Traffic

SEO is all about attracting people to your website who are ready to do business with you

Beat the Competition

We provide comprehensive strategy plans to get you ahead of your competitors in Google

SEO Services

The WordPress SEO capabilities are unlimited. WordPress is one of the most search engine friendly systems available – so forget what you’ve heard about the way it used to be years ago! Add the Yoast SEO plugin to WordPress and you’ve got the foundation of a truly world-leading website.

We provide all the information you will ever need to gain top ranking position in Google search, including a detailed guide on how to operate the Yoast SEO plugin for best results. Our in-house SEO specialist is one of New Zealand’s leading experts and regularly guides clients into the top search results for their genre. We also take care to ensure website construction follows SEO guidelines for the best start right off the blocks, plus if you want to take your WordPress website right to the top, add our SEO strategy and implementation services to your website design from the planning stage.

Technical SEO Implementation:

Most business owners need a helping hand with this aspect of SEO. We’ll either guide you on necessary implementation or take care of the whole project for you. Technical implementation may include geographic or language targeting, canonicalisation, Open Graph, meta data and so on.

SEO Copywriting:

This service provides assistance with generating appropriate texts for your website in order to gain rank. We use your expert knowledge of your industry and re-work texts for optimum results. Where you need extra creative work that you’re struggling to write yourself, we’ll take care of the lot.

What You Could Achieve With Our WordPress SEO Services:

  • Increase traffic quality
  • Be found by new customers
  • Expand to new markets
  • Decrease traffic bounce
  • Rank ahead of competitors
  • Target specific search traffic
  • Increase visits to your store
  • Achieve market leadership
  • Increase sales or direct conversions
  • Increase micro-conversions and leads
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Decrease conversion costs